When you encounter a pest related problem in your home or business, you need to do something about it. The longer it’s left unattended, the bigger the problem will become and it will be more difficult to treat the problem. At Rafar Mourers, we provide a number of services to help control pests in your properties.

Domestic pest control


You home might be infested with all kinds of unwanted guests. We provide various domestic pest control services for you. Our services include bird control, rat, mouse and other rodent control, insect control, wasp removals, bird proofing, etc.

Commercial pest control


We provide commercial pest control service as well. Small gaps that are found in buildings are enough to fit baby mice. We can fill in these gaps and provide you with a cleaner and pest free environment. If you find any kind of pest infesting your commercial space, simply call us.



We employ the most modern techniques to get rid of all insects in your property. We use environmentally responsible approaches to controlling insects. We strive to provide an efficient and economical outcome for our customers. All our insecticides are environment friendly.



At Rafar Mourers, we use different techniques to control and eradicate rodents. We use sewer lifting, rodenticides and different entrapment methods. We assess each case individually in order to determine the most effective and environmentally sound way of getting rid of your rodent problem. Our pest control partners in Detroit Michigan can handle these pests as well.

Bird proofing


Birds can be serious pests when they enter the environment of man. They can foul our buildings with droppings and spread diseases as well. We have various approaches to meet your unique needs. We use environment friendly bird control measures to take care of the situation.

We have years of experience in pest control. If you have any pests in your premises that you need to remove then we are here to help you.